The Strategic Advantage

Strategic Planning

Without a plan, a vision remains a hope unrealized. We provide single event to multi-month strategic planning guidance to form your first strategic plan or renew an existing one.

What’s the Advantage for you?

  1. A strategic plan provides all stakeholders a clear picture of where you are and where you are going.
  2. A strategic plan will make decision making crystal clear as opportunities are filtered through the Strategic Plan.
  3. Organizations with a current strategic plan are more effective because they are constantly improving and growing in step with their short and long term goals.
  4. Working with an outside nonprofit expert will help every detail of your strategic plan come together for all aspects of the strategy. Really “strategy” is our middle name. 
  5. Strategic plans will make you eligible for new funding and grants that require plan steps to be submitted in proposals.

Logic Models

How great would it be to have a visual presentation ;to express why your program is awesome and all the difference you will make with it? Logic Models are an industry standard to communicate about your organization and we will create dynamic models, with detailed content for all your needs from board meetings to grants and fundraising. If you don’t have a Logic Model for each of your programs, you need one!

What’s the Advantage for you?

  1. The process will help you see all the resources it takes to accomplish your program.
  2. A logic model will define what difference your organization makes in the short and long term. 
  3. You will have a design for the biggest questions asked for grant awards.
  4. You will become a leader for other nonprofits in your area to create collaborations.
  5. You will have the confidence that the products or services you provide actually work!

Evaluation Design

We know your nonprofit works super hard and want to have the data to show what an amazing impact you are making in lives. Government and Foundation funding often requires proven activity to fund services along with the power of careful measurement of all the good work you do and answering the question, “What difference does it make?” We can design effective evaluation models and help process the data you produce to prove your effectiveness.

What’s the Advantage for you?

  1. We know what grant funders are looking for when it comes to data and evaluation.
  2. The content produced in an evaluation model can be used for so many different ways...reports, email updates, grant proposals, social media posts.
  3. 95% of nonprofits don’t measure the effectiveness of their programs. Ok, that is not really true, and we made it up, but data can be very powerful to show why your service is better than the rest!
  4. You can have your effective programs analyzed by people with fancy letters after their name like, MPA, PhD and MSW.

Knowledge, Experience, Vision. That’s The Nonprofit Advantage.

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  • The Nonprofit Advantage was a huge assistance to us. Our goals and dreams seemed pretty daunting and we honestly had no idea what to do. As they helped us and worked through the paperwork with us it helped us gain confidence, accomplish our goals, and our us in a place to succeed going forward.

    Alex Kennedy, Executive Director Save the Nations Ministries

  • Jamie Stanley from the NonProfit Advantage recently taught a session on “Grant Writing All-Stars” for our United Way partnering agencies in Ellis County.  Her insight & content was extremely beneficial to all involved and participants were able improve on their tactical skills with writing grants.  I highly recommend Jamie for any coaching & training exercises.

    Kasey Cheshier, Executive Director, United Way of West Ellis County

  • Working with Jamie was an absolute blessing to have someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled at everything she does, but also incredibly passionate and full of heart for helping entrepreneurs move their dreams from ideas to reality. She brings new ideas, possibilities, and vision to your project to aid your own agenda without taking it over or straying from your original plan- a rare skill in consulting. Without her expertise and belief in me I may have never moved forward in certain areas. She truly makes dreams a reality, and I highly recommend her to anyone, especially those who have passion and emotion but need someone with business know-how and objectivity!

    Madeline Smith, Owner, Transformed Heart Co.

  • The Nonprofit Advantage has really helped bring our organization to the next level. Jamie has helped organize our program priorities, our outcomes, and outputs and maximize our funding opportunities. Without this help, we wouldn't be able to impact those we serve in our community as much as we do now.

    Anna Hammonds, Board Member, Manna House

Knowledge, Experience, Vision. That’s The Nonprofit Advantage.

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